Superintendents's Message

Superintendent's Message
Jeff Sanders
Welcome to the Blum ISD website. It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve as the superintendent for Blum.
Our district has a history of student success in the classroom and in both academic and athletic competition. Our students embrace a tradition of service to others that starts in their own community and extends far beyond. The Blum ISD faculty and staff members are committed to helping all our children reach their full potential and discover the limitless opportunities available to them.
We are committed to helping them learn in new ways, and to preparing them for the exciting challenges of the digital world where they will live and work. That preparation includes acquiring the knowledge and values needed to be active participants in a democratic society. We encourage them to recognize and pursue their special talents, to become lifetime learners, and to continue their formal education. It is a responsibility shared by committed parents and a supportive community.
Jeff Sanders